Special orders or commissions welcome. Dishwasher, microwave, and oven safe.

Glazes are non-toxic and food safe.

About Pamela

Pamela’s love of dirt, aka clay, began as a child growing up in Colorado. The connection created by the vibrant red and brown colors in the geological timeline of the rock and earth that is Colorado, and the graceful and simple ceramic art forms of the indigenous peoples of that part of the world, left a profound impression on her. She feels so very blessed to have such a connection with our Earth. As a young adult, her time spent in Latin America only added to her fascination with the rich red earth and the realization that clay and the artists that know it, are and have been an integral part of ‘living’ on this earth. Whether it is an olla kept simmering over the fire sending the smell of beans and chiles wafting through the kitchen, or that special cup that’s just right for your morning coffee or tea, or perhaps a brilliant metallic vase from the raku kiln or an evocative sculptural mask needed to grace a mantel, clay is ever present in our lives. It is this diversity of expression that has led Pamela to explore so many different techniques, such as wheel throwing, slab building, and sculpting.

Upon returning from her travels in Latin America, Pamela brought her love of clay and design into her professional life as a teacher in Victoria, BC. Whether it was a regular classroom or a special needs classroom, art and especially clay, was integrated into every subject possible… Mesopotamian cuneiform tablet journals were always a favorite, as well as building their houses to scale from clay. Now retired from teaching, Pamela has been able to dedicate herself to her art. Her work has been shown at the Sooke Fine Arts Fair in Sooke BC, at the Coast Collective Art Gallery in Victoria BC, and by private collectors in Colorado and California.


Brick Red Baker | 10″ diameter | Ovenproof | $88
Baking Dish with Lid | $60
Egg Separators | $24 each
Tea bowls | $24 each
Pitcher | $45
Lamp with turquoise base | $275
Wavy plate | $35
Wavy square plate | $35
Small Pitchers | $38 each
Quail sugar bowl | 5″ diameter | $42
Cups | $25 each
Wine glasses | $30 each


Tippy Toe Teapot | $92 | SOLD
Copper Tea Pot | $80 | SOLD
Copper Tea Pot | $80 | SOLD
Large Teapot | $105 | SOLD
Aladdin’s Teapot | $105 | SOLD
Sky-blue Teapot | $50 | SOLD
Newspaper Trio | $70 Each | SOLD
Lara’s Teapot | $108 | SOLD
Tiny Buttons Teapot | $110 | SOLD

Alternative Fired Vessels

RAKU: A fast-firing process that originated in Japan. Vessels for Raku are made from a clay-body with added grog [crushed fired clay] to prevent breakage due to very rapid heating & cooling. Vessels are bisque-fired then glazed and loaded into a small outdoor Raku propane fueled kiln. The pots are heated for about 1 hour or until glazes melt [1650oF / 900oC]. Potters work together to remove items from the kiln using metal tongs, and place them in fireproof bins that contain paper and sawdust – which ignites instantly. Fire consumes the oxygen within each bin, then draws oxygen from the clay & glazes – a process called post-fire reduction – creating unique glaze patterning and blackened clay. RAKU WARE IS NOT FOOD-SAFE AND MOST ARE NOT WATER TIGHT However, some pieces have been coated with Thompson’s Water Sealer and therefore, should be able to hold water. Those pieces will be indicated.
Velveteen Galaxy | 10″ diameter | $120 | SOLD
Native form | $75 | SOLD
Native form | $60 | SOLD
Vase | $40 | SOLD
Lamp with Naked Raku base | $400 | 18″ x 10″
Moon Plate | 12″ diameter | $80 | SOLD
Cosmos Globe | $70 | SOLD
Alabaster Grid Vessel | $90 | water-proofed
White Shoulders | $42 | SOLD
Abuelita | 6″ diameter | $114
Alabaster Lamp | with shade | $76 | without shade | $60 | SOLD
Sky windows | 14″ height | $90| SOLD
Native vessel | $80 | SOLD
Native vessel | $80 | SOLD
Horsehair vessel with woven horsehair | $70 | SOLD
Horsehair vessel with woven horsehair | $70 | SOLD

Sculptural Pieces

Calling All Angels | 18″H x 10″W x 4″D | $1500
Gathering Grace | 20″Hx9″W | $180 | SOLD
Inuit Egg | $40 | SOLD
Jester II | $70 | SOLD
Michael | 12″H x 9″W x 5″D | $1500
Bernadette | 15″H x 10″W x 5″D | $1500
Jester Man | 14″H | $140 | SOLD
Coil Built Vessel | 20″H | $108 | SOLD
Ursula Buendía | 15″H x 11″W x 4.5″D | $1500
potpourri vessel | $45
The Protestant Minister | 20″ H | $140 |SOLD
Incense Dome | $40

Contact Me

At this time, I am not doing any e-commerce, however If you would like to purchase some of my work, please contact me directly at: pitw4@me.com to make arrangements. Thank you.

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